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     This story starts with a pastel oil painting that sat in our friend's garage for a few years and was donated to the cause when we found our A-frame in the woods. I had scores of prints from Switzerland and the Alps from 2019 and I'd seen the frame itself with a nice matting underneath an unblemished piece of glass. "Please, take it." So I did. As things go it found a place in a hallway between the guest room and my office and sat there with the original picture in it and I quite forgot about it until the other day when I remembered I was supposed to switch out one print with another. You see, at the time I though we were dealing with a cheap print that'd be acquired as a pre-furnishing ornament that some homes come with however, as I pulled the pins and popped the braces and carefully extracted the picture with Hanne's help, a bit of color came off on her fingers and we realized we had an original on our hands. This struck me because I'd been so convi

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