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The snow is relentless this year. In fact, I cannot remember a season like this in Northern Arizona for quite some time. No one else can either. The previous records have all been broken. The ski sales and projections on the mountain have all be surpassed and we all sort of wade through it, using our best resources and taking advantage of what it is. It means more show-shoeing, xc skiing, and of course: snow removal. It means knocking off ice dams and carving little walkways and watching the neighbor's roof collapse and helping people out of their driveways and on and on. For me though, since I"m working on the mountain right now, it means endless "snow mitigation". Your tools: Big shovels, Honda snow-blowers, and skid-steers which all feed each other at various rates to eventually pile the snow high and wide in some other area where skiers and employees can get through and do what's what. It means multiple layers at 3:30 am and thanking the creator of the Toyota

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