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    Leaving Flagstaff was easy. We'd done the slack-pack from Aspen Corner back down to the house though Buffalo Park and had our trail support drop us back there early the next day. We brought a few liters for the Noodleheads who were going to be coming through at the same time and we yodeled through the pines at each other until they appeared. This would be the last stretch on the Arizona Trail, taking us over the higher desert plains of Babbit Ranch and back into the forest just south of the Grand Canyon where we'd wait another couple days to match our back-country permit at Cottonwood Camp.       It was easy because leaving town is always easy in the midst of a thru-hike. You fill up on calories, enjoy that one drink or two, maybe there's even a shower or clean clothes or a night inside a climate-controlled structure. You update things and call home and edit a few pictures. It's just little things to kill time. The problem is that by the end of your journey, you'

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