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    I noticed the other week that there'd be a shift. I tend to notice changes in cycles, crests of waves, full moons, etc. I'll sit on the little wooden bench outside and look into the sky and say "Yep, there it is." Or "Well, that's that." One energy to another. Sometimes it takes an event in life to lift us from what I call "phase lock". These are just repetitive energies and feelings that run behind like so much script on a software platform. Occasionally, an update comes along. Heaven forbid a crash and re-installation. I've experienced many of both. The truth is that you can choose to phase lock with whatever you like. I remember running videos with majestic mountains in the background while I worked on other projects, only to find myself in the midst of those very mountains a couple years later. This is one of the fundamentals behind Theta work, which is akin to reprogramming those phase locks through intention by accessing the subco

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