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   New Moons upon us. A good time to be a Scorpio I suppose. Despite the rabbit holes and false summits of 2020...the crushing acceptance that humanity is split down the middle and sideways; that some of the most doom and gloom social forecasts were spot-on...what can you pull from it? 2020 is all about revolution whether you like it or not. Hail Pluto. It's his year. I'm reminded that the world Apocalypse simply means "An Unveiling", Occult just means "hidden" and that Enlightenment can be a profoundly destructive process. My bitterness is between me and myself as I've done well to appreciate its angles this past year. Mostly, I've come to acknowledge the impermanence of all things, including myself-not because I just turned 41, but because we now live in a sort of augmented fantasy (many, not all) wherein ideas are implicit across international boundaries and real-time social engineering isn't rumor but a well-oiled and time-tested machine with

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