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 "Things between things" in life create a lull and general restlessness that renders my type contrarian after awhile. There's too many intrigues and rabbit holes and distractions in the Real World for this kind of constitution. I'd rather not, but then it happens in this wayward sporting way and there I am in the middle of another lull.     The truth is that when I go back to nature I go home. It's one of the few things that has made sense where humanity seems to have semi-deliberately failed. My reaction has been to get lost in as many reveries as possible; to turn off the left brain and ponder at length. It has brought me back The Trail as many trails eventually do. Is it a full circle? I don't know. I stare at gear lists and tentative windows of time and watch the precipitation reports and trail closures and detours and engage with the same wayward kids that lurk in hiker forums, asking questions with obvious answers to see what everyone else  thinks. That&

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